Current Author Actions

FOPF/Victoria is taking a Hiatus because of the need to work on Kerry's case

Speaking engagement: Rotary -- Moses Lake, Washington, September 3rd, 2014, 12:00 pm

Speaking engagement: Eastern Washington University -- Spokane, June 3rd, 2014, 12:00 pm

Speaking engagement: Eastern Washington University, Riverpoint Campus -- Spokane, May 29th, 2014,

12:00 pm Faces For Life Photo Campaign for Death Penalty Repeal--

​Can We Afford the Death Penalty? The Loss of Compassion is Too Costly--November 2nd, 2013, 6:30 - 8:30 pm, Cataldo Hall, Gonzaga University. Panel discussion on how the death penalty system has failed us

​T​he Journey Towards Justice:  Bestselling author Sister Helen Prejean speaking in Spokane,  Dead Man Walking—the Journey Continues, preceded by the one act play “Dead Man Walking" --October 11th, 2013, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm: The Globe Room in Cataldo Hall, Gonzaga University, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, FREE ADMISSION

​Peace Journey September 3 – 21st, 2013 -- A walk across Washington State to end the Death Penalty. The walk is 18 1/2 days long and we will walk at least 185 of the miles; symbolizing the 18 1/2 years Kerry Lyn has been waiting on Death Row on her first level of appeal. September 21st is International Day of Peace, and the 2nd Anniversary of Troy Davis' execution. (more info under Fellowship Of Peace)

​Organizing and hosting Interfaith Panel on the Death Penalty: "Honoring Life;  a Compassionate Discussion on the Realities of the Death Penalty"-- St. John's Cathedral, Spokane, June 5th, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pmLink to view:

​Speaking engagement: Whitworth College, Professor John Yoder's Political Science class (Peace Studies)-- Spokane, April 22nd, 10:25

 Speaking engagement: University of Gonzaga, Students for Life Club-- Spokane, April 15th, 7:30 pm

Speaking engagement: Spokane Humanist Group-- Spokane, March 9th, 9 am

​Spokane Rotary Club-- (CAGES/Repeal Death Penalty in WA State) Spokane, March 8th, 12:30 pm

​Testifying at the Hearing for HB 1504-- Olympia, March 6th, 8 am Interview on KXLY 920 Newscope with Mike Fitzsimmons, February 19th, 3pm-5pm, subject: Eliminate Death Penalty in Washington State, HB 1504, SB 5372

Testimony on HB 1504Presented to the Legislators by Victoria Thorpe on March 6th, 2013​
"I am compelled to come before your audience today because of the experiences that have become an integral part of my personal history and have determined who I am.  I have a sister living on death row in California, (she has struggled to survive for nearly 18 years).The nightmare that changed both our lives forever has evolved into many privileged experiences that beg to be shared.It does not flow easily, this attempt to share horror side-by-side with the deepest love and hopefulness; it has painfully evolved over two decades to this present point, where I dare take off my mask and expose my heart and soul to strangers. I come to beg for compassion. I represent the silent victims of the Death Penalty—families and loved ones of human beings sentenced to be executed.​I love my sister dearly, she adds a great deal to my life. ​I drive the 1,069 mile trip to Central California about four times each year, I’d go farther if I had to, I’d go more often if it were possible. In a prison I enjoy her company while locked in a tiny room for a few hours. We have both learned to savor life more; I love to watch her describe the new tiny wild flowers that sometimes creep into the Death Row yard, or even better, hear her re-tell her favorite stories of her children, or our childhood, in her animated ways. She misses the wind through her hair on a motorcycle ride. And she is constantly at work on her inner growth. My sister is one of the most honest and loyal persons I know.​I have been forced to imagine what it would be like to witness her execution—we have had to have that conversation—her deep concern is that I not be subjected to watch such an act of brutality carried out. Mine is that I will not be allowed to hold her hand as she has the life extinguished from her, as I would, or any of you would, wish to do for your loved one dying of cancer or such.Even with the severely limited access to each other, our relationship is always growing, she is my best friend. Among the layers of unimaginable scars this sentence has built upon each of us, the cruelty of seeing her strapped down, rendering her completely helpless, while an audience, much like you all assembled here, watch her being murdered, would just about steal all my hope for human kind.The system labels someone as a monster or evil in order to ease the guilt of killing a helpless person. But even if I were to concede to this label over any human—how would it be logical? When you attempt to overcome evil (a bad deed) with evil you simply multiply the evil.In my opinion, in order to really change our current culture of violence, there must be work done to bring our country into a place of balance between protecting the collective and protecting individuals’ well-being. The Death Penalty serves neither the collective, nor the individual’s right to life. It violates them both.​You must stop the killing. You are good people who love their families—please imagine one of them in place of the eight men we house on Washington’s Death Row. Please see their loved ones’ broken hearts. Please allow your compassion to rule alongside your wisdom."

​Lobby Day, visit legislators to educate about the Death Penalty in Washington State -- Olympia, February 12th, 2013

Speaking Engagements/Book Signing--Walla Walla, January 14th--17th, 2013

​Whitman College 14th
​Walla Walla University 16th 
Walla Walla Community College 17th
​Book signing at Book and Game

​Adult Education Forum on the Death Penalty-- St. Marks, January 13th, 2013
​Lobby Day training -- January 2nd, 2013, 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm 

​Meeting with Representative, 6th district Spokane, to promote Washington Bill to end the Death Penalty -- December 5th 

​Universalist Unitarian Sermons-- November 4th, 9am, 11am

​Journey For Freedom, October 15th - November 1st
Walking schedule:

October 14th-- visit Kerry Lyn, hold vigil for Kerry, abolition, and the walk.
October 15th -- Leave Chowchilla in morning, walk  into Fresno & spend the night
October 16th -- Tulare
October 17th -- Bakersfield
October 18th -- Lebec
October 19th -- Santa Clarita
October 20th -- Sunvalley
October 21st -- Glendale
October 22nd -- Westlake
October 23rd -- Loyola to Longbeach
October 24th -- Mission Viejo
October 25th -- Dana Point
October 26th -- San Clemente
October 27th -- Vista
October 28th -- Escondido
October 29th -- Carmel Mountain
October 30th -- Kearny Villa Rd.
October 31st -- Old Town
November 1st-- S.D. County Superior Courthouse

Panel Discussion on the Death Penalty -- ​September 19th

Reading/Book signing at Auntie's bookstore in Spokane -- September 6th

Honor Life: Abolish the Death Penalty Event. Special guest speaker, Jason Baldwin of the West Memphis Three-- July 21st, 2012